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Exams and assessment

Attending an exam

We have a set of procedures we expect you to follow on the day of your exam.

Your University ID card will be used to confirm your identity during examinations and must be brought to each examination.

Arrival at your exam room

Prior to the examination you must wait outside the examination room at least 20 minutes before the published start time. You must not enter the examination room until instructed to do so by the invigilator.

You must check the seating plan (attendance lists) displayed outside the examination rooms immediately prior to the start of your exam.

Entering the exam

You must make sure you occupy the correct seat as indicated on the seating plan and must place your University ID card on your desk for the duration of the exam so it is clearly visible for the invigilator to check.

Examination conditions apply upon entry to the exam room and you must enter in silence. You must not communicate with anyone except the invigilators or Registry representatives during an examination. If you wish to attract the attention of an invigilator you must remain seated and raise your hand.

You must complete the front page of the answer script. You are responsible for ensuring your University ID number is written on every answer sheet and answer script. Failure by students to write your University ID number on an exam script or additional answer sheet may result in the marks not being allocated to you.

At the conclusion of the examination students must remain silent and seated until instructed to leave the examination room.

Equipment for your exam

You should bring the following items to your exam:

  • University ID card
  • Transparent plastics bag or transparent pencil case to hold pens, pencils, erasers, rulers and pencil sharpeners
  • A small clear bottle of water (500ml max) with the label removed

Additional items may be permitted for some exams. These may include calculators, notes, books or specific instruments. Your module tutor will advise you of additional equipment before the exam. Spare equipment is not provided by the University. 

You may not bring the following items to your exam:

  • Mobile phones, smart watches and other electronic devices
  • Coats, hats and bags
  • Food and drinks other than water (as listed above)
  • Dictionaries
  • Paper for rough work

Exceptions may be permitted by the Disability Support and Inclusion team as part of a student's Learner Adjustment Plan.

Problems on the day of your exam

Late arrival

If you are late for an exam you can be admitted to the examination up to 30 minutes after the commencement time but not thereafter. You are required to report to an invigilator on arrival and present your University ID card to verify your identity. If you are admitted after the commencement time you will finish your examination at the same time as the other candidates for that examination, and no extra time for lateness is given.

Missing an exam

Students who do not attend an examination will be deemed to have failed the assessment and will be given a mark of zero, unless they have valid exceptional circumstance and the exam is formally deferred to a later date.