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Exams and assessment

Special arrangements for exams

If you wish to speak to our team about special arrangements for exams, contact

Reasonable adjustments for exams

If you have declared a long-term health condition or impairment, a specific learning difficulty, or a mental health condition you may be entitled to access reasonable adjustments for your examinations.

The Disability Support and Inclusion team is responsible for considering requests for reasonable adjustments for examinations, and for making recommendations to the Assessment team. If you wish to discuss reasonable adjustments for examinations with the Disability Support and Inclusion team, please make sure you are registered with them.

Register with our team by filling in our short form:

Disability support and inclusion form

Find out more about the support we provide on our Disability support and inclusion page.

Deadlines for agreeing adjustments

The deadlines for agreeing reasonable adjustments for examinations for the 2023-24 academic year are as follows.

For each exam period there are 2 deadlines:

  • Deadline 1: Deadline for registering with Disability Support and Inclusion team to enable a discussion on additional arrangements.
  • Deadline 2: Deadline for receipt of final recommendations for additional arrangements by Assessment team.
Exam period Deadline for registering with Disability Support and Inclusion team Deadline for receipt of final recommendations

Semester 1 Exams:
15 to 26 January 2024

Friday 24 November 2023 Friday 8 December 2023

Semester 1 Resits:
2 to 5 April 2024

Friday 9 February 2024 Friday 23 February 2024

Semester 2 Exams:
28 May to 7 June 2024

Friday 5 April 2024 Friday 19 April 2024

Semester 2 Resits:
12 to 16 August 2024

Friday 21 June 2024 Friday 5 July 2024

If reasonable adjustments have been approved, you will receive an email from Registry confirming the arrangements at least 2 weeks before each examination period.

Request for religious observance and exams

If you are unable to take an examination on the day it is timetabled for religious reasons (for example, a major festival or Friday Prayers) you must contact

Arrangements for examinations and assessments will take your needs into account as far as possible in respect of the observance of a religious day of rest or holy days, although it is not possible to guarantee to avoid all such days.

You are required to notify us of your inability to carry out work or undertake assessments on holy days as soon as possible after enrolment and by no later than 6 weeks from the start of the programme.

Incoming exchange (study abroad) students

Incoming students should note that dictionaries are not permitted in examinations.