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Your finances

Student support fund

The aim of the fund is to alleviate unexpected financial difficulties.

You can apply to the fund at any point throughout the academic year provding the allocation has not been depleated. Any help awarded from the fund is usually non-repayable. 

The fund is not guaranteed and is not be be looked at as a source of funding. 

Applying to the fund

To apply to the fund you will need to complete an online application. 

Once you have started an application for financial assistance, it is mandatory that you have registered on Blackbullion our online money education tool. You can do this using your York St John University email, failure to register will delay your application in being processed. It is also advised that you complete the Budgeting pathway which is within Blackbullion.

Apply for the YSJ Student Support Fund


The Foodbank is open to all students who find themselves in financial difficulty for a short period of time. The Foodbank is made up of basic food necessities and toiletries to help support students facing difficulty through a short period of time. 

If you would like more information about the Foodbank, please email

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