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Exams and assessment

For questions relating to your exam timetable or any other aspect of examinations, email

Publication of results

Once a piece of work that has been submitted by a student and has been marked/moderated the Module Tutor enters the provisional mark in e:Vision, in preparation for the School Assessment Boards.

Module results will not be visible in e:Vision to students until the marks have been agreed by the School Assessment Board. Marks are formally agreed at School Assessment Boards in February, June, September and October. Once marks are approved at the Boards the marks are made visible to students in e:Vision.

If a student wishes to query their module marks with their School they must do so after their marks have been published through e:Vision after the School Assessment Board.

Undergraduate awards are normally approved at the Progress and Award Examination Panel meetings in March and July. There is a Panel meeting each September following the August resit period.

Postgraduate awards are normally approved at the Progress and Award Examination Panel meeting in October.

Following the Progress and Award Examination Panel, progression and award results are released to students through e:Vision and a progression statement is emailed to students' University email accounts.

Exceptional circumstances

What to do if you have problems preparing, submitting or attending an assessment.


Information on reassessment of work and exam resits.


Information on the progression process of a degree.


Information on Undergraduate and Postgraduate awards.

Submitting assessment

Submitting work

How to submit work for assessment via Moodle.

Over-length work

Information on penalties for over-length work.

Late or non-submission

Information on penalties for late or non-submitted work.


Exam timetables

Find your exam timetables.

Attending an exam

What to do on the day of your exam.

Special exam arrangements

Information on special arrangements for your exams.

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