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Exams and assessment


Guidance on completing resits and reassessments.

How do I know if I need to complete reassessments or resits?

Your results will be confirmed after the meeting of the Progress and Award Examination Panel.

A progression statement will be emailed to your University email account following the Panel meeting. This will state whether you have failed any modules and need to resit.

You can also use your e:Vision account to check your results to see whether you have failed any modules and need to resit. Information setting out reassessment requirements will be provided by your academic school and is normally available on Moodle.

If you fail a module on your first attempt, you must be available for resit opportunities as scheduled. You are expected to attend resits (such as examinations, practical demonstrations, presentations, performances) and to meet resit deadlines for handing in assessments.

It is your responsibility to check your results and to contact your academic school about your reassessment arrangements.

If you have any questions about your results and what you must do to progress to the next year, please contact the Registry team immediately for advice on

Important reassessment information

The penalty for the late submission of a reassessment is a mark of zero, which may result in termination of studies. You can read more on our Late or non-submission of work page.

Different rules apply for progression and reassessment depending on which assessment scheme applies. Your e:Vision account will confirm whether 'Scheme A compensation scheme' or 'Scheme B condonement scheme' applies to you. 

Reassessment timing

The second attempt for assessments taken in semester 1 is normally in the Easter vacation. For semester 2 modules it will be in the reassessment period in the summer vacation.

Except for examinations, and within the confines set by the Academic Registrar's deadline, deadlines for individual assessments are the responsibility of, and set by the academic school, though the standard deadline set by the Registry team is typically used.

Any assessments or reassessments to be taken to meet conditional progression requirements are usually scheduled to take place in October or will be determined by the Progress and Award Examination Panel.

Resit fees

With effect from 2022-23 academic year, resit fees are no longer payable for standard module resits. However, a charge will still be payable for teaching placement resits for all years.

Reassessment for teaching placements incurs a cost of £650 for 2023-24. Arrangements for payment should be checked with Finance.

Repeat fees

Repeating a module involves attending classes or tutorials and receiving the full range of academic guidance, as well as submitting assessments. The cost for internal repeat for the tuition of a module is £650 for 2023-24. Students repeating a full level will be charged the annual year's fees.

From 2024-25 the cost for internal repeat for tuition of modules is £650 per 20 credits up to 100 credits. Undergraduate students will be charged a full year's fees (£9250) as they are deemed full time when repeating 100-120 credits.

There is no automatic right to repeat a module. For further details on the policy, permissions and limitations for internally repeating refer to the Code of Practice Section: Section 20: Module Repeats Policy 2023-24 (PDF, 89.6 KB)