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What is 'progression'?

An Undergraduate student 'progresses' from one level of the programme to the next level for which they are enrolled, provided they continue to satisfy the University progression requirements for their programme.

Students may not normally progress from one level to the next of a programme of study unless they have satisfactorily completed the previous level.

Taught Postgraduate and Graduate programmes are not normally subject to progression requirements as they are completed at a single stage. In those cases where a progression requirement has been approved for a programme the progression rule is stated in the programme specification. Greater detail is provided in the policies below.

Key information relating to the following areas is detailed in the policies below:

Undergraduate progression requirements Section 31.1  
Foundation year progression Section 31.2  
Progression to Level 7 on an Integrated Master's Degree Section 31.3  
Progressing to study abroad Section 31.4  
Conditional progression Section 31.5  
Exceptional third attempts Section 31.6 Section 32.2
Recommendations to repeat or restart a programme Section 31.8  
Notification of results Section 31.12 Section 42
Mark conversion for returning exchange students Section 19  


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