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Your timetable

Access your university timetable on your phone or tablet.

To view your timetable online go to

This advice is for students.

Use the URL generator below to add your student number and make a code. Instructions for Apple and Android devices can be found below.

Note, some students (e.g. QTS levels 1 & 2) will not have compatible personal timetables. Contact for help as there may be group timetables available.


 URL Generator


Type in your student number:

Your Subscribed calendar URL is:

On the iOS device

  • Click Settings
  • Click Passwords & Accounts (may be called Mail, Contacts, Calendars)
  • Add account
  • Other
  • Add subscribed calendar
  • Paste in the value copied from the box above into the server box
  • Click Next
  • Click Save

 On the calendar app if the calendar is not appearing

  • Tap calendars at the bottom
  • Tap Subscribed calendar so a tick appears
  • Click Done

Get YSJ timetable on your iPhone for students iOS 12.3.1 (PDF, 0.5 MB)

Add timetable to Apple iOS 11.3 May 2018 pdf (0.6 MB)

Add timetable to Apple iOS 10.2 May 2017 pdf (0.6 MB)


For Android devices, the easiest method is to add your YSJ timetable to your Google calendars which can then be picked up on any device that is logged into Google.

Use the URL builder above to make the correct link for the calendar so you can copy and paste.

Detailed instructions are below but the short version is:

  • In the Calendar app, add by URL (sometimes called Internet Calender)
  • The URL is
  • Replace the red numbers with your student number

More detail is in: Get timetable on an Android device (students)

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