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Exams and assessment

Submitting work to Moodle

Just about all work at York St John University is submitted via Moodle.  Essays may be uploaded to a Moodle submission box or to TurnItIn via Moodle. Mahara ePortfolio submissions are also through Moodle. Videos can be submitted directly to Moodle or can be uploaded to the YSJ Media Library or YouTube and then a link is submitted to a Moodle text box.

Submitting Word file assignments to Moodle

Word file assignments should be submitted to Moodle for assessment. There are two types of submissions. The standard Moodle submission is shown by the hand under paper icon. Once the submission is confirmed, the file can only be returned to draft by the tutor or School admin.

ResourcesSubmitting file assignments to Moodle

Submitting an essay to TurnItin via Moodle

Word file assignments should be submitted to Moodle for assessment. There are two types of submissions. A TurnItIn submission is shown by the red arrow around paper icon.

TurnItIn assignments usually allow re-submission up to the deadline for the assignment where the final submission is the one that is marked.

You can self-check your own work to get a report on its originality before the actual submission if you wish. This is through a special Moodle course that you can self-enrol onto called Academic Integrity.

ResourcesSubmitting an assignment to TurnItin via Moodle

Submitting Mahara ePortfolio to Moodle

Mahara Portfolio assignments should be submitted to Moodle for assessment. Moodle and Mahara are linked so you will see a list of Mahara collections and pages within to choose from within the submission point. Note that that Mahara pages are locked when submitted to Moodle.

ResourcesSubmitting Mahara ePortfolio to Moodle

Submitting video to Moodle

Video is often submitted direct to Moodle. This can be done from any device including PC and iPads by opening Moodle in a browser such as Google Chrome. 

ResourcesSubmitting video to Moodle

Submitting text or links to Moodle

Sometimes for submissions requiring a simple link or short piece of text this is submitted directly on Moodle by typing or pasting rather than by attaching a file.

ResourcesSubmitting text or links to Moodle

PebblePad - Submitting for assessment

PebblePad uses its own submission system called Atlas. Workbooks that are distributed to fill in will usually be set to auto-submit.

For student created Portfolios, you can submit at any time and editing will be locked at the submission date and time.

ResourcesSubmitting a creative Portfolio - PebblePad

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