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Exams and assessment

Study abroad mark conversion

To add study abroad modules to your record we need to match them to our own marking system. This page includes a summary of how we convert study abroad marks.

Converting your module marks

Before we record marks from your study abroad modules, we convert them to a matching York St John University mark.

Marks are converted using a fixed scale. As an example, a grade B from a European university might be equal to a mark of 66 from us. You can download a copy of our conversion scales below.

Converting your module credits

Our undergraduate students take 60 credits a semester. Students will often take 3 modules a semester, worth 20 credits each. Your study abroad university may not use the same credit system as ours. For example you may take more than 3 modules a semester, worth less than 20 credits each.

We convert your study abroad credits to create 3 modules with a value of 20 York St John University credits.

Credits are converted by taking a weighted average of your best study abroad marks. You can find a detailed example of this process in section 21 of our Code of Practice for Assessment, available below.

Supporting documents

The way we convert marks from your study abroad modules is recorded in sections 21 and 22 of our Code of Practice for Assessment.

You can download those documents for a more detailed description of this process and for more information for outgoing study abroad students.

Study Abroad Conversion Table Scales (PDF 0.2 MB)

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