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Policies and documents

This information is an overview of policies that relate to students. Full details of available policies and documents are on the main university policies page.

Our Student Charter

Our Student Charter has been jointly created by the university and Students' Union. It sets out what the university expects of you as a student, and what you can expect from the university and the Students’ Union.

Students' Union and the university

York St John University and York St John Students’ Union have developed a Memorandum of Understanding. It describes how they work together and outlines their mutual obligations.

It aims to maintain and build upon the excellent relationship between the University and the Union.

Memorandum of Understanding (PDF, 4.9 MB)

Academic integrity

Academic integrity is of fundamental value throughout your university studies and beyond. It involves a commitment to the core values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility in all academic endeavours.

Being motivated and consistently working with academic integrity will not only help you to make the most out of your learning experience and gain better marks, but it will also earn you and the university a fantastic reputation.

Academic misconduct

Individuals sometimes fail to act with academic integrity in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage in an assessment. This is often termed academic misconduct and it will be dealt with in accordance with university procedures. Academic misconduct includes unintentional acts, where students have not familiarised themselves with good academic practice.

A full description of academic misconduct can be found in section 24 of our Code of Practice for Assessment.

Section 24: Academic Misconduct Policy 2022-23 (PDF 0.3 MB)

Policies and useful information

Bullying and harassment

Our bullying and harassment policy and information about what to do if you feel you are being bullied or harassed.

Jury service information

Our system for students who have been called for jury service during their studies.

Exams and assessment

Our exams and assessment policies.

Behaviour and discipline

Information about behaviour and discipline.

Suspend your studies

Policies and documents for the process of suspending your studies.

Withdraw from your course

Documents and policies for the process of withdrawing from your studies.

Appeals and complaints

Documents and policies on the processes relating to appeals, complaints and discipline.

Case Consultations

Information about Case Consultations and Standards Reviews.

Fitness to study and practise

Information on monitoring fitness to study and fitness to practise.

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