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Marking Armistice Day at York St John

Published: 01 November 2023

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Honouring the past and supporting the Armed Forces of today 

This November we join nations around the world to pause and commemorate Armistice Day. At York St John University, we wish for peace and pay our respects to the fallen by honouring our historical ties with the armed forces. 

Remembrance Ceremony  

York St John Chaplaincy invites the University community and the public to join a Ceremony for Remembrance Day on campus. The event will take place on Friday 10 November, in The Quad at 10:40am. During the ceremony, we will observe a two-minute silence, offering a moment of reflection and gratitude for all those who have given their lives in war. We extend a warm welcome to everyone to join us on this meaningful occasion. 

Connecting with our history 

As an institution with a rich heritage, we take pride in our connection to the armed forces. Our Alumni team has published two fascinating blogs that shed light on our historical involvement. 

  • Discover York St John's past as a hospital: See if you can identify which lecture halls became wards in this blog that delves into our role as a Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospital during World War One. 
  • Lest We Forget: This blog commemorates the students and alumni of York St John University who gave their lives during World War One and World War Two. Read our Roll of Honour. 

 A forces family friendly employer 

Our University is not only dedicated to remembering the past but also to actively supporting the armed forces in the present day. In 2014, we signed the Armed Forces Covenant, and we are proud holders of the Ministry of Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Gold Award, the highest accolade for any organisation. 

The ERS Gold Award reflects our commitment to the armed forces community and our determination to provide support. 

Learn more about our courses, resources, and support for the armed forces community on our website: Armed Forces Support 

Scholarships for the armed forces community 

We understand the challenges faced by the families of those who have served in the armed forces. To support them, we offer various scholarships, which you can see in more detail on our scholarships page. 

  • Armed Forces Scholarships 

These scholarships provide financial support for the children of individuals who have died while serving their country in the armed forces. 

  • President's Award Scheme Scholarships  

We support this scheme to offer financial assistance for the children of armed forces personnel. It includes Education Grants and Accommodation Scholarships to assist students in achieving their educational goals.  

Military Human Training Courses 

One of our noteworthy initiatives is the Military Human training courses, specifically designed to equip front-line staff in council, community, health, social care, and other professions with a deeper understanding of the armed forces. These courses highlight good practices and address inequalities. 

Explore the Military Human training courses: Military Human Training 

Student opportunities 

We have also engaged with the Army University Officer Training Corps, offering paid opportunities for students to access leadership courses, participate in sports, and develop transferable skills. Importantly, there is no requirement to join the armed forces, making this experience valuable for anyone aspiring to become a future leader or decision-maker in any organisation or service. Our detachment is the Leeds branch. 


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