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York St John University professor named among the ‘nation’s lifesavers’

Published: 16 May 2019

Professor Lynne Gabriel Director, York St John Counselling & Mental Health Clinic

The Nation’s Lifesavers are the top 100 individuals or groups based in universities across the country whose work is saving lives and making a life-changing difference to our health and wellbeing. They have been celebrated for the first time today as part of Universities UK’s MadeAtUni campaign, which brings to life the impact of universities on families, communities and wider society.  

They are battling diseases, tackling inequality, helping new parents and children enjoy the best start in life and supporting older people. In Mental Health Awareness Week, their stories show an enormous contribution to improving our mental health and wellbeing. 

Professor Lynne Gabriel from York St John has been singled out for how she has paved the way in providing accessible and affordable, psychological therapy services. Specialising in counselling for domestic abuse and violence, anger management and bereavement, Professor Gabriel has made a huge difference to the lives of hundreds of mental health patients in the York region. She set up the Counselling & Mental Health Clinic at the University, which inspires students entering the fields of counselling, psychology, mental health and social sciences.

New developments include partnership work to deliver early intervention groups for children and adolescents, along with post-group coaching to bring proactive, playful and engaging contexts for young people to develop confidence. Read more about the clinic.

 Stories of the Nation’s Lifesavers highlight how the value of universities stretches far beyond the educational opportunities and economic impact they provide. Whether you attended university or not, the likelihood is that everyone has directly or indirectly benefited from medical advances or health and wellbeing developments pioneered at university.  

Professor Dame Janet Beer, President of Universities UK, said: “When people think of lifesavers they understandably tend to focus on the dedication and skill of our doctors, nurses, carers, and paramedics – many of whom are trained at universities. Every day, up and down the country, universities are also working on innovations to transform and save lives. Research taking place in universities is finding solutions to so many of the health and wellbeing issues we care about and the causes that matter. 

“By proudly working in partnership with charities, the NHS and healthcare organisations, universities are responsible for some of our biggest health breakthroughs and in revolutionising the delivery of care. 

“This campaign is a chance to bring to life the wonderful and often unexpected work going on every day in our universities and to celebrate some of the people working to make a life-changing difference to us all.” 

Read more about the Nation’s Lifesavers.

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