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York St John receive award for Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Published: 22 January 2020

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Hedgehog Friendly Campus launch event with Sarah Williams, Jacquie Pitcher and William Cooper

York St John University's Hedgehog Friendly Campus launch event with (left to right) Sarah Williams, Jacquie Pitcher and William Cooper

Joining the scheme back in December last year, the grounds team launched the University-wide campaign with a special awareness event, highlighting how staff and students could help when making the university a sanctuary for wild hedgehogs. The Bronze award which was received just last week (Friday 17 January), compliments the University’s commitment to become a more sustainable institution and a positive example of biodiversity.

By installing hedgehog houses around campus and managing gardening practices, the grounds team have been hard at work to achieve this brilliant award. Sarah Williams, Energy & Environmental Projects Officer at York St John said: “We’re so proud to officially be a Hedgehog Friendly Campus with our Bronze award. By undertaking a number of actions and working together with an enthusiastic project team, we’ve been able to promote a campus that will improve the lives of these gentle and popular mammals.”

Sarah and the rest of the grounds team are showing no signs of slowing down. Already looking to the future, Sarah adds: “We’re all so happy to be recognised for our efforts of making York St John a Hedgehog Friendly Campus. We can’t wait to see what’s next - discussions are already in place to determine how and when we can achieve our Silver award.”

Taking care of the York St John University grounds and ensuring the campus is a haven for hedgehogs and beyond, is a team of 8 gardeners. Looking after a total of 69 acres, the grounds team are also responsible for creating a new wildlife pond and planting new trees at the University’s Haxby Road Sports Park, as well as creating habitats for the tansy beetles and installing beehives at the University’s allotments.

Further information

To find out more read the University’s Hedgehog Friendly Campus blog and follow our progress on Twitter.



How to help:

  • Keep dogs on a lead
  • Cycle slowly around campus
  • Pick up litter
  • Do not use pesticides or slug pellets in your wildlife garden
  • Leave out water bowls
  • Only feed hedgehog approved food (refresh daily)
  • Leave space under fences for hedgehogs to get under
  • If you find a sick or injured hedgehog/a hedgehog out in the day contact the grounds team or visit 


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