Inspirational video highlights collaborative work to raise aspirations

Published: 20/12/2017

The widening participation team at York St John University have been working with Year 8 students, from schools in rural and coastal areas in North and East Yorkshire, to raise their educational and career aspirations.

The North Yorkshire Coast Higher Education Collaboration (NYCHEC) is a joint initiative by the University of Hull, the University of York and York St John University, designed to widen access to higher education through the provision of high quality collaborative outreach and information, advice and guidance. NYCHEC operates in eight coastal schools from Whitby to Bridlington.

Within the wider NYCHEC scheme is a smaller project called ‘High 5’ that works with targeted pupils who have been identified as academically able, but facing barriers to progression (for example 89 per cent of the High Five group had no parental experience of higher education, and 20 per cent were disabled or had a specific learning need).

The team have produced an inspirational video of the High 5 programme to show the impact of this important work.

Richard Adams, from the University of Hull’s North Yorkshire Partnerships Hub (based in Scarborough), has compiled a report into the outputs and impact of NYCHEC in the academic year 2016-17.

The report highlights the many successes of the programme, particularly with the High 5 group.

York St John University hosted the ‘Aspirations Day’ for the High Five group, made up of 101 pupils, in April this year. 93% of participants reported feeling ‘more motivated to aim for a place at University’ and 87 per cent felt ‘more positively about themselves and their futures.’

Mr Adams said: “There is clear evidence that the NYCHEC programme is having a strong positive impact on pupils on the North Yorkshire Coast and that teachers and participants value NYCHEC highly.

“Some of the most positive findings from our impact research this year are those that show pupils in the NYCHEC High 5 group are actually doing better in schools as a result of taking part in the programme. This includes in attendance, attitude to learning, behaviour and character, all of which lead to improvements in young people’s attainment (which is key). We look forward to building on this success with our fantastic partners at York St John and York Universities.”

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